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Year Ending Resource Tip

CSV or (Comma Separated Values) is a handy way of getting data from one program to another where one program cannot read the others’ normal output.  A csv file is a text based format that transfer data found in a spreadsheet or a database table without formatting or formulas.  As a format for data interchange, it is simple, compact and ubiquitous.

In ecommerce, csv files are used primarily for importing and exporting product, customer, financial and order information to and from your applications.

Since most spreadsheet applications, accounting and crm (customer relationship management) software like Quickbooks or and Sage—are capable of reading and importing files stored in this format, csv files can be much faster, and consume less memory.

Csv files can be opened or edited by any text editors like notepad.  And, because it does not manipulate data but instead stores it as-is, csv files are safe and can differentiate between the numeric values and text.

Just remember write column headers only once and separate each cell or value by a comma and each row with a line.

Here’s a 56 second video on creating csv in a text editor like notepad.

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