The Hottest Toys in 2017 A Holiday Toy Guide for the Clueless

For the “I don’t have an idea of what to get them, but you want it to be good.  Here’s the best of the “wow, you didn’t”  toy gifts of 2017.

LOL Surprise ages 6-9 and Hatchimals age 5+ are 2 of this year’s hottest toys, according to kids.   Hatchimals by Spin Master reigned supreme last year, and they are still one of the most sought out toys. In case you’re out of the loop (I was… my partner wasn’t), Hatchimals are interactive furry robot toys that literally hatch from a large egg. Kids can then teach them how to walk, talk, dance, and play. Originally targeted primarily to girls aged 6 to 8, Hatchimals ultimately became popular among boys and older youth audiences as well.

But the reigning “most sought out” toy this year is LOL Big Surprise by MGA Entertainment, Inc.   L.O.L. Big Surprise, which costs as much as $100 on Amazon, is essentially a big ball (it’s actually flat on one side) wrapped in plastic and filled with 50 smaller toys, including small dolls (some of the dolls “cry, spit, or tinkle,”), doll clothes and accessories, and bath bombs — some of which also contain toys that are revealed only after the bombs have been dissolved in water.

What makes the L.O.L. Big Surprise unique is that each of the 50 toys inside the ball is individually wrapped. This makes unwrapping them quite an exercise in patience as the ball’s contents are slowly revealed over the course of an hour or two — perfect for those Instagram and YouTube unboxing videos that are so popular today.

So what exactly is in a LOL Surprise?  We’ll let the video show whats in side a LOL Surprise.



Fingerlings by WowWee , as near as we can tell are selling out everywhere. A cute electronic pet (monkey or unicorn), that clings to your finger.  They also make sounds, chatter away, open and close their eyes, hang by their tails, fart and more.

Forts and Tents

Making forts is a classic childhood activity, but thanks to Ladybug Tent by Etna, you can forget the sheets-over-the-furniture thing. This big, colorful tent is the perfect hideout for kids. They’ll love crawling in, out, and through the tunnel! And, there’s a secret side flap so you can pop in to share the fun. Features a mesh window on top and waterproof ground sheet, so it’s can be used at the beach, park and for play dates. Comes in compact carry case and suitable for ages 3-6.

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